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Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Mike, and Pilot Kent for our first post-Oshkosh show

Recorded on August 8, 2006 - 01:09:30 - 37.3MB

Hangar Flying:
Cirrus SR22

The crew have all made it back to their respective home base after a grueling week at Oshkosh. They saw a showing of the wonderful aviation movie, One Six Right, on a new high definition theatrical projection system. The movie tells the history of the Van Nuys Airport, but is really a take off point for any discussion of general aviation.

Alan and Kent Next, Kent does an interview with Alan Klapmeier, co-founder and president of Cirrus Design. There is also a link to the vidcast version of the interview available in the Show Links section. Afterwards, they engage in a bit of a rant about Cessna's vaporware showing at Oshkosh. Dan then talks about his experience of attending his first Oshkosh Airventure. The conversation shifts to a discussion of Very Light Jets, and how they could revolutionize corporate air travel and air taxi services. We end our Oshkosh chat with Dan giving a big shout out to "Simple Green" for the new aircraft cleaner samples he managed to wrangle.

Dan bids adieu as he is called back to a late night session at he day job but Kent and Mike continue the chat in the hangar. Kent tells of his second excellent flying adventure with Rick Durden and his friends at KCAD in Cadillac, MI, this time flying Cubs on floats! Kent describes what it's like landing on water. Kent also got to fly a Stearman biplane.

Prickett-Grooms AirfieldThen Kent tells of the great time had by all as he joined our buddy, "EdFred" for the grand reopening of Prickett-Grooms Airfield in Sidnaw, MI. Ed bought the airport from the state of Michigan and then put in many long days of work on the runway and property and in getting a new license for the airport. Just about the whole town showed up in appreciation to celebrate and greet the planes. Congratulations, and a Pilotcast THANKS to Ed!

A reminder to join the Pilotcast forums at Please vote and leave your comments in support of the Pilotcast! The pilots mention the roots of Zulworks and Kent tells how much he enjoys his new Mini-Z kneeboard.

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Song: "Once Upon a Summer Day" by Monika Herzig
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The FIRST Pilotcast videocast from EAA Airventure 2006 Oshkosh

A Pilotcast Exclusive! Alan Klapmeier, co-founder and president of Cirrus Design joins the Hangar Flying on The Pilotcast with Pilot Kent!

Recorded on July 29, 2006 - 00:12:52 - 74.1MB
Cirrus SR22
  • Alan Klapmeier always thought he would run an airplane company He has realized his life's dream.
  • The Cirrus SR-22 is #1 largest selling single model airplane in the world
  • The history of Cirrus Design
    • Designed the first airplane in 1979
    • Cirrus Design incorporated in 1984
    • Its roots are with a kit homebuilt
    • Designed and sold
      • A kit aircraft
      • A pressurized turboprop
      • A UAV for the U.S. military
    • The Cirrus VK30
      • " should have been a jet."
      • Sold about 40 kits
      • A flying VK30 is featured in the "One Six Right" movie
      • Was high performance but tricky to fly.
    • After the VK30 experience, Cirrus decided to focus on an easy to fly, safe design.
  • Q: "Will you be producing a jet?"
    A: "Yes. Someday!"
  • "We now believe we can make a personal jet that is virtually as easy to fly as this airplane."
  • "We don't have any plans in the Light Sport area."
    Other topics discussed:
  • The new turbocharged SR-22.
  • What is Cirrus doing to make it easier to obtain insurance coverage for a Cirrus product?
  • The story behind Cirrus aircraft being equipped with a ballistic parachute.
  • Why does Cirrus have the Avidyne glass cockpit vs. the more popular ones from Garmin?
  • The new Cirrus Access training program for new Cirrus owners with no flying experience.
  • New Cirrus financial, warranty and used airplane programs.

This is a QuickTime format video that is compatible with the "video iPod" but can be played with the free Apple QuickTime player on most computers.

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New Pilotcast feed URLs

As you may have heard, we were concerned that not every Pilotcast subscriber would want to receive the video casts automatically, either because they will be larger files, or they don't a have video capable player.

We have the separate audio-only and video-only feeds working. If you want to get both new audio and video Pilotcast shows, you don't need to change a thing!

If you do not want your podcatcher to automatically download the videos, you'll need to change the feed URL for the Pilotcast. For audio only the feed is

If for some reason you want only the video shows, the feed is (Hmmmm. I wonder if that works on a newer TiVo? Dan???)

The existing feed, which is will have both types of shows.

You can subscribe to more than one feed if you want separate the show types.

In iTunes, you should copy and paste the URLs above into the window under Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast I'll add some one click subscribe buttons on soon.

If you didn't know, iTunes and other podcatchers are capable of playing Quicktime video files, even if your portable player can't. You may want to try viewing a video show before you change feeds.

If you have any trouble with this please let us know.

--Pilot Mike
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The last Pilotcast report from the grounds of EAA Airventure 2006

Recorded on July 30, 2006 - 00:24:51 - 11.4MB
Burt Rutan
  • Burt Rutan forum highlights
    • Cessna finally gets it?
    • New airplanes used to be affordable and why they aren't now.
    • There is no true hybrid electric car
    • Mike Melville's first SpaceShipOne flight into space.
    • Why can't the FAA give Mike an Astronaut rating?
  • A peek behind the scenes at the Pilotcast
  • Pilotcast farewell from Oshkosh.

Pilotcast show notes are at

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