The Pilotcast
Pilotcast #028 - 2006.03.18

Hangar flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

Pilot Kent is calling in from North Platte, Nebraska.

Some feedback and followups:

  • Pilot Dan apologizes for denigrating the hobby of RC Model Aviation, in Pilotcast #27
  • Capt. Joe Deon is back with his latest Fly With Me PodCast
    • Describes radio communications with a Cessna 172 having engine trouble
    • Interviews a totally blind individual who wants to become a helicopter pilot
  • Pilot Dan has fallen in love with an immaculate Piper Cherokee 160 and is trying to convince his other club members to purchase it
    • He's concerned about the Mach 1700 digital Interface retrofit to the KX170B radio
    • It turns out, two planes in Kent's club have this upgrade and have had no problems
  • Pilot Kent says Hi to fellow club member, Pete, after seeing his plane on the Frappr! map
In the News:
  • The airlines have gone to Congress and the FAA suggesting they should run things like an airline
    • Make it a commercial venture with a billion dollar budget and user fees
    • They are applying pressure to eliminate all but commercial travel
    • Airlines are not exactly a stable business model
    • Norm Mineta's latest comments on user fees
  • There is a bill (SB 520) in Connecticut that would repeal aviation taxes in order to prevent pilots from going to other states for repairs or parts
  • Who is Pilot In Command?
    • A CFI from Ohio was on a flight, as a passenger, when the plane went down, fatally injuring the other two occupants. The NTSB has determined he was PIC because he had the highest rating on-board the aircraft
    • CFI's should determine who is PIC before any flight as a passenger
    • The best way to protect yourself is to leave a signed letter with the FBO, stating who is PIC for that particular flight
    • You can not be considered PIC if you are not rated for the type of flying being done
    • You are PIC on your checkride
  • Pilot Ryan suggests a future Pilotcast on home builts
  • Pilot Kent describes driving past an airplane boneyard in the Mojave Desert
  • German company Thielert, takes over Superior Air Parts
    • Gives them an instant manufacturing facility as well as dealer network, in the U.S.
    • They produce the engines for the Diamond Twin Star and the diesel version, for the Diamond Star, currently only available in Europe
    • May mean we'll see more diesel engines in GA aircraft, in the future
  • The FAA was ordered to take down the transcript of the public meeting on the Washington ADIZ
    • NORAD and the DOD considered some of the discussion included to contain sensitive information
  • House Bill HR1871 - Volunteer Pilot Organization Protection Act
    • Meant to protect volunteer organizations, like Lifeline Pilots, from liability
  • Bad news - Hooters Air is scaling back
    • High fuel costs
    • First, Naked Airlines and now this
  • Steve Fossett's Global Flyer is probably destined for a museum
  • Help Wanted
    • Looking to pay a Web Designer to help update the Blog
    • Looking for volunteers to help with production
    • Contact us at by email:   pilotcast (AT)
  • Pilot Matthew will be visiting Florida and wanted suggestions from Pilot Kent on renting a plane
    • Find the airplane you want to rent as soon as possible and schedule a checkout
    • Most checkouts will take about an hour and require 3 landings
    • Prior to flying, purchase the appropriate sectional charts and study the airspace
    • If you don't have a lot of time, turn the checkout into a sightseeing flight
    • Be prepared for Florida's summer turbulence
Q & A:
  • Can a Wings checkout be done with 3 different CFIs?
    • Yes, there is a separate CFI signature line for each phase of the checkout
    • It is necessary to send in the paperwork even though the CFI(s) endorse your logbook
  • What can I do with my old charts?
    • Sell them on eBay as wallpaper
    • Give them to kids who are interested in aviation
    • Use them as wrapping paper
    • Give them out as souvenirs at Young Eagles rallies
  • What are the most popular charts?
    • Probably Washington and New York
  • If you have any topics or questions for future Pilotcasts, please let us know
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    • An RSS reader can let you know when a new show is available.
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There were some complaints about the audio quality of Pilotcast #27. There was an excessive and very audible phasing effect due to the noise removal process.

A new version is now posted, as of 12 noon CST, March 20, with reduced noise reduction which has less of that problem. Subscribers may or may not get the new version depending on when their client program downloaded the feed. The updated mp3 file has a "-r" in the filename, Pilotcast-027-2006.03.09-r.mp3.

You can re-download the show directly by clicking on the [Pod] icon.

It seems that the libsyn player on this page may make the effect worse, or has some issues of it's own, like skipping, especially if your bandwidth is limited. Please download the entire file as above to hear it at the best quality.

We think the noise reduction is necessary and useful for shows like this one which were recorded with the guest on a phone. We're learning how to best process the recordings as we go along. As always, please let us know how we're doing.

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Special guest "Doctor Bruce" Chien talks about medicals and multi engines as he joins the hangar flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

Dr. Bruce Chien on a Lifeline Pilots mission
  • Introducing "Dr. Bruce" Chien, M.D..
    • Dr. Chien is an FAA certified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
    • Dr. Chien serves as a member of the AOPA Medical Advisory Board.
    • Dr. Chien is a volunteer pilot, board member, and the past chairman of Lifeline Pilots, the volunteer pilots association serving the Midwestern U.S.
  • Kent just got his second class medical.  He's going for a commercial rating.
  • You don't need a second class unless your going to exercise the privileges.
  • Due to the oppressive workload, there has a been a change of policy at the FAA Medical Certification branch in Oklahoma City.
    • They will no longer review medical records unless they accompany an application for medical certification.
    • This change means you need to consult with an experienced AME before applying now more than ever.
    • Because there may not be a second chance, the AME has to give any chance to talk to OKC the highest priority, which is a huge burden on the AME's practice.
  • A review of the Sport Pilot "driver's license medical" Catch-22.
    • The government's lawyers have to look out for potential legal liability.
    • The public has been made to fear small aircraft and has no sympathy.
  • Find a good AME!
  • How Dr. Chien became an AME.
  • The part 121, commercial and airline pilots, "the first class guys" don't need as much help with medical certification because they have resources, do the research, and come in prepared.  It's the "third class guys" who tend to have complicated medical issues.
  • If need to obtain or renew a special issuance medical certification.
    • Have your information ready BEFORE you visit the AME.
    • Gather the information specified in the special issuance letter 90 days before your certificate expires.  So you can make this date, Make the appointment(s) with your doctor 120 days before.
    • Put your name and pilot certificate number on every page of your documents.
    • Send the documents to OKC via Certified Mail with return receipt.
    • It is good to let OKC you are "interested." Call OKC in about 6 weeks and politely and patiently inquire. If you don't call your file may move DOWN in the queue!
  • ALWAYS tell the truth, and the whole truth.  You DO NOT want be caught in a lie.
  • You can get some help from resources like the AOPA medical desk.
  • If you decide against applying or are advised not to apply for medical certification you should work to qualify for Sport Pilot.
    • Ask your personal doctor(s) for an opinion on whether you are qualified to fly.
    • If you have no information that you are otherwise not qualified you are legal to fly Sport Pilot.
  • If you think have an issue call your AME for advice. Don't give up before you give it a try.
  • Find an AME who have experience with your condition who is willing to call OKC on your behalf if necessary.

  • Doctor Bruce's tips on flying a twin safely.
    • Have a list of the minimum critical takeoff distances. 
    • He developed his own list the hard way!
    • Brief on EVERY TAKEOFF.  Decide what you are going to do before your apply the power.
    • Use the scale to know the actual load.
    • He always flies his Piper Seneca with a safe margin under maximum gross weight.
  • The critical V speeds in a multi engine.
    • The best rate of climb on a single engine.
    • V1 : Decision speed. Generally the speed at which the airplane can either stop in the remaining runway distance, or continue to takeoff with the loss of the critical engine. Corrected. Thanks, Len

  • In the News: A Cessna hits terrain and shears off the wings while talking to a buddy on the ground on his cell phone.
  • Some automated flight service stations are requesting you have "Advisory Information Alpha," which is the multi page blanket security advisory NOTAM.  Not all of them have that message. 

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Special guest "Pilot Rick" Durden, host of "The Pilot's Lounge" column on, joins the Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike. Kent reports on Rick's annual ski plane fly-in 

Some feedback and followups: 
  • Email from "Student Pilot Clayton:"  A pilot in his RC flying club near Madison, WI flew a model J3 Cub to 6100 feet.  Congratulations to newly minted "CFI AA," Pete Aarsvold.
  • "Pilot Rinker" Buck reads the audio book version of the "Flight of Passage" book available from the iTunes Music Store and  The movie rights to "Flight of Passage" have been optioned again.
In the news:
  • A 14 year old boy and his buddy running away from home steal Dad's Mooney in Palm Springs.  They crash in the desert. AOPA's  "GA Secure" program worked.
A surprise guest:
  • A surprise guest pilot for Pilot Dan has been invited to join the Pilotcast.  His comments may be of concern to his wife...and his AME.  
  • Song: "Crack the Sky" by  Joe Campbell (03:50)

Pilot Kent's report on flying Yellow airplanes with skis!" at Pilot Rick's" ski plane party

Kent and a Piper J3 Cub Cub climb

Click on a picture to see a larger version
Click here to see more of Kent's pictures

  • Rick's latest column: "The Pilot's Lounge #97: Precautionary Landings"
    • link:
    • Making a precautionary landing on a frozen lake.
    • The difficulty of landing in snow in flat light.
    • Having a way to get to safety and maybe, get the plane out.
    • Off-airport landings do not necessarily have to reported to the FAA or NTSB.
    • You usually don't need permission to take off.  Just prepare and use care!
    • Are highways good landing sites?
    • A highway takeoff can be difficult,
    • It might be better to have mechanic remove the wings and haul the plane out on a truck.
    • There are many power lines.
    • Was one mile in five of the U.S. Interstate highway system design to serve as a runway?  Nope!
    • Interstates are not bad choice for landing at night.
    • You can't see the power lines. Look for the power poles. 
    • The highway median is not a choice.
    • Is it safe to fly across a long stretch of water like Lake Michigan?
      • How high do you have be to be able to glide to shore?
      • Calculating the point of no return.
      • The danger of flying over water on hazy summer days. You can have no reference of the horizon.
    • How Rick plans the topic of the next "The Pilot Lounge" column.
    • The water skiing T6s:
    • Stories and inconsiderate pilots who damage how we look to the general public.
      • The runaway kids who stole the Mooney.
      • The drunk pilot who wasn't a pilot. 
      • Pilots who refuse to "Fly friendly"
      • Seven fatal GA crashes last week near Washington, DC.
  • Kent will to return KCAD next winter and go for his seaplane rating next summer. 
  • Rick has a seaplane party right before Oshkosh. 
  • Coming soon on The Pilotcast: the return of "A&P Tom."
  • Dan's club has decided to go for a Cessna 150 or 152 rather than the 182.
  • Mike has a close encounter with a plane turning the wrong way.
  • Expensive annuals.
  • Aircraft owner nightmares.
  • Check out some other recommended aviation podcasts:
  • Closing song: "Winter Sky" by Torchomatic (04:37)

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