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Pilotcast Hangar Flying Internationale!
Pilot Dan and Pilot Mike are joined by Pilot Bill from Victoria, BC, Pilot Brian from Washington, D.C, and Pilot Kent from Madison, WI.

  • Love (or hate) that music!
  • Pilot Bill tells us about flying in Canada and how the Canadian user fees work. For information visit Nav Canada:
  • Pilot Brian let us know about flying in the tricky ADIZ and FRZ airspace of Washington, DC.

  • Contacts from fellow pilots:
    • A voicemail from Dave, a commercial pilot flying skydivers in Nebraska. Dave thinks Microsoft Flight Simulator can be useful for filight training, especially for the instrument rating. Dave's podcast is Skydive Radio:
    • Andrew, a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, wants to know about insurance for renter pilots. Check the AOPA Insurance Agency for information on renters insurance.

  • In the news:
    • The Jet Blue gear incident in L.A.

    • Squawking 7500

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Sincere thanks to Joe d'Eon of the Fly with Me podcast at for the Jet Blue excerpt.
Also check out the podcast of Flight Attendant Betty, Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase at

Music: Ebola Zaire by r.domain from the Podshow podsafe music network. Check it out at

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Pilotcast #006 - 2005.09.20

  • Pilot Dan is working on getting a 182 for his flying club
  • In the news:
    • Marta Bohn-Meyer goes west
    • Malasian 777 has computer glitch
    • BaltoWash ADIZ going to be permanent?
    • No FAA user fees!
  • Pilot Kent from Madison, WI joins the Pilotcast.
  • The Pilotcast interview with Dr. Warren Silberman.
    • Review of securing your medical:.
    • Be prepared!
    • Work with your AME
    • DON'T GIVE UP!
  • Rod Machado! Part 1 of "Aviation Humor with Rod Machado" Visit for great learning resources and fun excerpts! Tell Rod The Pilotcast sent you.

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Rod Machado
Thanks again to Rod Machado.

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FAA Medical forum titled "What Can I Do If I Lose My Medical Certificate" by Dr. Warren Silberman, D.O. MPH.

Recorded July 30, 2005 at EAA in Oshkosh, WI.

FAA Medical Special:
Dr. Silberman Dr. Silberman

Dr. Siberman starts off the forum by explaining the process of medical certification for the new Sport Pilot license. There has been a lot of confusion with this, and the Dr. tries to clear it up. He then moves on to the main topic, how to handle a lost or denied medical certificate. He has several suggestions, like learning as much as you can about your condition, checking up on your AME, and proper management of the waiver packet. if you received a waiver letter from the FAA, make sure you follow the directions explicitly, and return all of the information requested. The Dr. stresses that there are certain conditions an AME can still issue a medical certificate for, if you have the proper documentation, but some AME's are not aware of this. He also lists 20 conditions that an AME can issue a certificate for, after first being deferred, if you provide the information listed in the FAA waiver letter. Dr. Silberman then explains how a waiver can affect the time period a normal medical certificate is issued for. The forum is then opened up to questions from the audience. The Dr. finishes up by answering questions about depression and associated medications, prostate cancer and surgery, ADD/ADHD, various eye conditions, cardiology stress tests, and unapproved medications.

Show Links:

To purchase a high quality recording of this and other EAA Airventure Oshkosh forums contact Dave Yeoman at, or call at 319-377-4188. This is forum number 2-6-1. Please mention the Pilotcast when you order.

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Derek Colanduno of the Skepticality podcast was suddenly stricken with bleeding into his brain mere hours after Skepticality was featured in Steve Jobs' presentation of iTunes version 5. Derek is currently in the hospital in a drug-induced coma.

The announcement of the sad news by Derek's podcast partner, Swoopy is on the Skepticality podcast and the Skepticality forum.

The Pilotcast sends a best wishes for a speedy recovery to Derek. Our thoughts are with Derek, Derek's wife and Swoopy.
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Pilotcast #005 - 2005.09.06

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Thanks to Pilot Kent for the intros.

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Pilotcast #004 - 2005.08.30

  • The Pilotcast gets a mention and "I like the Pilotcast" from The Podfather, "Pilot Adam" Adam Curry on the Daily Source Code #230 on 2005.08.29(Caution, explicit language)! Pilot Mike's email to Pilot Adam is in the show notes.

  • GPS technology, and WAAS, and LAAS. AOPA's advocacy for more WAAS approaches.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics data says General Aviation is the third most dangerous profession. What's behind that?
  • In the news:

  • The US Air Force Thunderbirds have a collision at the Chicago Air and Water show. Recording of the actual radio traffic of the Thunderbirds. (~6.5 minutes)

    The story in The Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Tribune Free registration required.

  • How the media reports aviation stories. How to get the word to the press.
  • "This Old Hangar" or..."My Hole in the Sky".

  • Interview with Dr. Norm Smith, "kitchen table" manufacturer of the Aero-Trim aileron or rudder trim. How to properly trim your aircraft.
  • FAA publishes the Garmin GPS training on their web site.
  • Pilot Mike's "petite" coffee mug.
  • Pilot Dan deals with the garbage near the airport.

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Please give for Hurricane Katrina relief to

Of course, It's "The Right Stuff".

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