The Pilotcast

Pilotcast #3.
Pilot Dan's club is shopping for a new plane and is considering a Flight Design CT Light Sport Aircraft.

The Sport Pilot Certificate to fly Light Sport Aircraft. The promised "drivers license medical" has a catch. Information on the Sport Pilot Certificate and Light Sport Aircraft from EAA, AOPA, the FAA and CFI Rod Machado

In the news: Bryon's Aztec makes an emergency landing in Lancaster, PA, Irish pilots fail to notice part of the wing is missing, Apparent fuel exhaustion accident in Erie, PA

Studying the mistakes and misadventures of other pilots. Recommended: I Learned about Flying from That How Pilot Mike eased his mind about having enough fuel.

Interview with Alan Bernard, board member of and volunteer pilot for Lifeline pilots of Peoria, IL.

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Wonder where that movie clip at the open came from? That scene in "A Guy Named Joe" happened to come up just as the channel changed.

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Pilotcast #2.
Dan visits Katama and Bob Stone on Martha's Vineyard;

In the news: 737 depressurizes and crashes in Greece, Renton, WA midair, Space Shuttle Discovery lands - you go Cmdr. Eileen!;

More from Mike in Oshkosh,
Dr. Peter Diamandis, Xprize Chairman and head of Zero Gravity Corporation,
Dewey Conway of Pacific Coast Avionics,
Lifeline pilots of Peoria.

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Pilotcast #1 arrives!
Pilot Dan and Pilot Mike welcome you.

Mike's report from Oshkosh EAA AirVenture 2005. The new Garmin GPSMAP 396 GPS receiver with XM weather. White Knight/SpaceShipOne. Burt Rutan.

In the flying news: The "miracle crash" in Toronto, Space Shuttle Discovery.

Pilot's advice to NASA.

Dan's landings had witnesses. Coming on The Pilotcast: Lifeline Pilots, Dr. Warren Silberman.

Music: Ebola Zaire by r.domain from the Podshow podsafe music network.
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Pilot Dan from Connecticut checks in on the Pilotcast and lays out the Pilotcast mission plan.

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