The Pilotcast

"We have met the enemy and he is us."
Special guest "CFI Ron" returns to join the Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike to talk about the need for all pilots to help in the efforts to help the "Problem pilots."

  • Welcome "CFI Ron," "The Rev." from Maryland.
  • FAA authorized Aviation Safety Counselors
  • Are older pilots "cowboys?"
  • Hazardous Attitudes.
  • The "Smoketown Two" tell their story in AOPA Pilot.
  • Can clubs have training and currency standards?
  • What are the consequences of the actions of "problem pilots?"
  • FAA hot button issues.
  • Why all pilots should speak up and help.
  • Where to go to get help.
  • How to find your local ASC.

In the news:

  • Oprah's Gulfstream returns to Santa Barbara after having windshield failure due to fatigue.

  • Coming on the Pilotcast: Aviation author and journalist, Rinker Buck.
  • Kent went flying in Florida.

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  • "Get Santa Claus on the Line" by Lee Harris

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Special guest "A&P Tom" joins the holiday Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike to talk about aircraft engines and winter operations and much more in very informative show for pilots and aircraft owners.

  • When do you need to pre-heat?
  • Is multi-weight oil less of a problem?
  • Which kind of preheat system is best?
  • What's the biggest mistake pilots make with their engines?
  • How long should you warm up the engine?
  • Why should we lean the mixture on the ground?
  • What about diesel engines?
  • Getting oil from coal. America has great resources.
  • When do you need to overhaul the engine?
  • Can you run the engine past TBO?
  • The problem with vibration. More than the passengers are bothered by vibration.
  • Those old radial engines heavily consume fuel and oil. That's why war birds cost so much to fly.
  • The best ways to preheat.
  • Heat the cabin, too.
  • How long to heat.
  • Clean the ice and snow from the wings. A tip on how to keep your wings clean.
  • Winterization plates and other ways to block the oil cooler.
  • Run the engine long enough to remove water from the oil
  • How to tell of there's still moisture in the oil.
  • How to check for a sign of engine corrosion.
  • Kent's recent problems getting his cold Cessna 182 to run smoothly.
  • A technique for cold starts using the primer.
  • Proper technique for priming the engine.
  • "Never take your hand off the throttle?" Oh yeah?

In the news:

  • The Southwest 737 runway overrun at Midway.
    • How the autobrakes (antiskid) works
    • Landlocked airports
    • A bit more doubletalk from the City of Chicago
  • The crash of the Grumman Mallard in Miami.
    • NTSB reports the wing spar had cracks.
    • The PT6 turbine conversion.
    • Tom: Cracks don't necessarily mean an aircraft is not airworthy.
  • A Beech accident in Connecticut. A 78 year old pilot survives an emergency landing in trees.

  • An update on the flight status of one Mr. Claus.
  • Coming on the Pilotcast: What Dan learned about the tax status of airplane clubs.
  • An update from Kent on his club's search for a new plane.

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  • "This White Christmas Will Be Blue" by Beatrice Ericsson

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We'd like to know what you think about having entire songs at the beginning and end the show. We've found these podsafe songs that we think are pretty good, fun, and sometimes appropriate to flying.

We figure if you decide you hate the song that it is fairly easy to skip ahead on an MP3 player or computer.

Is it annoying to have to hear a whole song on our talk show? Do you want us to identify the artist and the length? Do you want us to cut it out?

Let us know!

--Pilot Mike
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Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

  • In the News:
    • Cape Air charter pilot passes out in flight. Student lands the Cessna 402.
    • 9/11 commission wants U.S. airspace made more restrictive.
    • Chicago Alderman wants to ban any aircraft landings within 4 miles of Chicago lake shore.
    • The Mars Rover Spirit is still running.
    • Mentally disturbed passenger shot by air marshalls in Miami.
    • Report that an airliner leaving LAX saw a smoke trail coming up.
    • In spite of recent convictions, lasers are still targeting aircraft.
    • Kent gets hit by a spotlight while landing at night.
    • California millionaire John Gilmore refuses to supply his ID to travel. Sues the government.,1283,69773,00.html

  • The first CTAF by "CFI Joe." Use of CTAF at uncontrolled airports.
    Music:"Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward
  • When do sectional charts expire? Are they all at the same time?
  • You can get sectionals in .TIF images. They're 45MB per side!
  • Mabel from Washington, DC has a question from her son, Roger.
  • Can Santa fly in the DC ADIZ?
  • Kent's continuing search for a new plane for his club.
    • An Arrow, a Diamond, an Archer, a Cessna 172, or a Tiger?
    • Glass panel or steam gauges? Which is a better future value?
    • Modular systems can be upgraded.

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Here's a gift suggestion, although you may have to check to see if you can get delivery in time for the holidays: O'Reilly's "Podcasting Pocket Guide." Its official publication date is January 2006.

It looks like a good guide for podcast listeners. If you want to know how to get the most out of podcasts like The Pilotcast and how to get podcasts easier, check this book out. O'Reilly books are consistently great.

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The Pilotcast has a Frappr map! Stop by, "put in a pin," and tell us where you are!

There is a link to The Pilotcast Frappr map on the Frappr icon on the left of the page.

The map is displayed on the bottom of the main blog page.

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The show for Pilots, by Pilots.
"CFI Jason" Miller from The Finer Points aviation podcast joins The Pilotcast and goes hangar flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent and Pilot Mike.

  • The Finer Points aviation podcast:
  • Are there difficult students?
  • Many pilots greatest fears: midairs, base to final stall/spin
  • Favorite phases of flight?

  • In the news:
    • The state of aviation in Chicago, where the FAA gives $3M for improving an airport while suing the city for $4M for destroying an airport.
    • NO GA USER FEES! (for a year)
    • The end of the Age 60 rule?
    • XCOR Long-EZ piloted by Dick Rutan to go for record for rocket powered flight.
  • Dan would have been safer flying.
  • Kent's excellent flying adventure to LEX - Lexington, KY.
  • Kent's pictures:
    • Flying the Chicago lakefront VFR route.
      Looking west down the Chicago River.
    • "Northerly Island Park," former site of Meigs Field
    • Flying above the clouds at sunset.
    • "Garmin GNS-430 Terrain Warning display

Remember to check out Jason Miller's The Finer Points aviation podcast.

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  • "Santa is on the No Fly List" by Lee Harris & the Good Time Charlies
  • "If Every Day Were Christmas" by Podsafe for Peace

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"Pilot Doug" Kaye joins The Pilotcast and goes hangar flying with Pilot Dan and Pilot Mike.

  • In the flying news:
    • Twin spirals into the Pacific off the shore of Orange County.
    • The Nike corporate Gulfstream has a gear problem. All the TV stations have field day.
    • King Air in Fulton County also has a gear problem and makes a belly landing.

  • Doug on flying a glider at 18,000 feet with a groundspeed of ZERO. It takes a long time to get down from there.
  • Doug's Bonanza can haul a load!
  • Doug's Cross Countries
    • North of the Arctic Circle
      • Dealing with customs in Canada and the U.S.
      • Flying "the trench" though the Canadian Yukon to Alaska.
      • There are 6 months of no night up there. How do they stay night current?
      • Glacier Bay at 500 feet AGL.
      • Camping at Watson Lake.
      • Flying NDB airways
      • Tracking by position reports.
    • Flying in Baja.
      • Aviation in Mexico is "flaky."
      • "Nice trip" to Copper Canyon. "The trip from hell."
        See for a description of one of Doug's more interesting trips.
      • Banditos and Boulders
      • 4 or 5 planes didn't make it back the way they left.

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Special guest CFI Ron, "The Rev", joins The Pilotcast and goes hangar flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

Hangar flying with "The Rev." CFI Ron

  • Ron loves his Yankees and Grummans.
  • TFRs were around before 9/11.
  • Flight training
    • How the military does training. Civilian student pilots could use a similar method.
    • Why today's CFI might not want to do ground training.
    • The best ways to learn and complete your training efficiently.
      • Plan your lessons.
      • Request and do your homework!
      • Buy a commercial flight training lesson kit.
      • Make use of online aviation communites as a resource for information and mutual support.
      • Fly (reasonably) often if you can.
    • How long should it take to solo and earn a pilot certificate?
      Should I be concerned?
  • Flying with dogs
    Flying dogs
  • Advice to future military and/or professional pilots: You have ZERO strikes available.
  • In the news:
    • Archer ends up tangled in power lines in Milwaukee and makes all off the network news shows.
    • Comanche 250 makes a successful emergency landing on I25 in Castle Rock, CO. This one later takes off safely.
  • "Boorish behavior" is no longer tolerated in the military.

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Pilots will love this podcast episode!

The Podfather and "Pilot Adam" Curry recorded his flight in "Pilot Doug" Kaye's Bonanza from Ontario,CA to Oakland,CA on the Daily Source Code #279. You can hear "Pilot Doug" talking with ATC on his IFR flight right through "Pilot Adam's" in-flight relief and what sounds like a greaser landing.

Adam says it's the first podcast of a flight. It may be the first to be published, but Pilot Mike did record his flight home from AOPA Expo in Tampa. The recording didn't turn out too good because his recorder wasn't wearing a headset.

"Pilot Doug" Kaye, also a podcasting founding guru, has promised to join The Pilotcast and talk about his flying adventures.

Update: "Pilot Doug" Kaye has agreed to join us on Pilotcast #15, which will be published the week of November 20. Check it out!

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Women in aviation: Pilot Dan's report from "Women Take Flight" at the New England Aviation Museum.

In the news:

  • New Cessna rumors resurface
  • Boeing sets new non-stop distance record with 12,000nm flight of a 777-200LR from Hong Kong to London.

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AOPA Expo 2005 report.
Pilot Lance's adventure.
Hangar flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

  • In the news:
    • The pilot owner of Cessna 210 makes an emergency landing on a road in Baton Rouge then severely damages the plane rushing his takeoff.
    • Independence Air files for bankruptcy.
    • Song is sung no more.
    • A Citation crashes after rushed takeoff from Houston Hobby.
    • Cirrus buys the SATSair Air Taxi service.

  • Can the Chicago lakefront VFR route have a CTAF?
  • Many manufacturers and entrepreneurs are betting on a future for small aircraft air taxi services.
  • Pilot Dan and Pilot Kent love those Diamonds!

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Hangar flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike. Kent's blimp pilot interview and Pilot Ron from California.

  • Pilot Kent interviews blimp pilot Steve Wood of Lightships!
  • Pilot Ron from Mountain View, California joins The Pilotcast.
  • FAA graphic TFR web site.
  • Bill Cox of Plane and Pilot magazine is accused of violating a Presidential TFR.
  • How to contact flight service via cellphone. AOPA's list of FSS phone numbers:


    Show notes are on

  • Direct download: pilotcast_011_2005.10.26.mp3
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    • Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan and Pilot Mike
    • In the news:
      • First fatality on a Young Eagles flight.
      • Mid air takes Mark Schaden, webmaster of
      • Plane down in AR gets help by using SMS messages.
      • Dago Red, "The World's Fastest P-51" up for bid on eBay.
        Update: The bidding hit $1.2Million but the reserve was not met.
    • Insurance companies add 25% surcharge for planes over 30 years old?
  • Flying in winter. Why aircraft engines need preheating.
  • Rod Machado! Part 2 of "Aviation Humor with Rod Machado"
    Visit for great learning resources and fun excerpts from his tapes!
    Tell Rod The Pilotcast sent you.

  • Rod Machado
    Thanks again to Rod Machado.


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    Show notes are at

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