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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Jul 31, 2007

Join the Hangar Flying as Pilot Kent, Pilot Dan, and Pilot Mike of The Pilotcast host "The Aviation Podcast Podapalooza" at EAA AirVenture 2007 in Oshkosh, WI on Friday July 27, 2007.



Topics discussed include:


01:04:09 - 44.3MB

Pilotcast show notes are at

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Jack Hodgson
almost twelve years ago

I\\\'m pretty sure it\\\'s \\\"Will Hawkins\\\" from The Student Pilot Podlog.

Will Hawkins
almost twelve years ago

Did I miss something? Had a great time and I can\'t wait for 08.