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Oct 18, 2006

Pilotcast #047 Aviation Podcast - CFI Doug Stewart and Rinker Buck on the Cory Lidle Tragedy, Flying the Hudson Corridor, New Planes and New Pilots

Recorded Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 01:19:03 - 36.4MB
Doug Stewart


Master CFI Doug Stewart and author Pilot Rinker Buck join the hangar flying on the Pilotcast with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike with a frank, spirited, and informative discussion about the possible causes of the tragic Cory Lidle accident in Manhattan in New York City.


Doug Stewart is THE expert instructor on flying the New York City Hudson River VFR corridor around Manhattan.

Doug and Rinker discuss the multiple causes behind such accidents and what can be done to prevent them.

Among the topics discussed are the dangers of pilots with overconfidence and hazardous mental attitudes who fly with complacency, with too much dependence on technology.

Doug Stewart reveals what he teaches at his pilot seminars on Flying the Hudson River VFR Cooridor around Manhattan. Doug gives his recomendation for flights on the East River side of Manhattan.

Rinker discusses what he found in his extensive research for a series of articles on the JFK, Jr. accident.

Is there a problem with Cirrus aircraft?

  • Doug Stewart - Master Certified Flight Instructor
    • Doug Stewart's DSFlight site where you can order Doug's "Flying the Hudson River VFR Corridor" DVD,
    • Doug Stewart joined in on the hangar flying in Pilotcast #009 and talked for the first time on the Pilotcast about flying the Hudson River VFR corridor. Doug joins at 32 minutes in.
  • Rinker Buck - Pilot, Journalist, and Author

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Dave M
twelve and a half years ago

Great discussion of this event !

A link to the Aviators Model Code of Conduct mentioned in this show can be found at: