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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Sep 22, 2006

Pilotcast videocast #2 from EAA Airventure 2006 Oshkosh


A Pilotcast Exclusive! Pilot Kent interviews Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft

Recorded on July 27, 2006 - 00:04:45 - 23.9MB

Pilot Kent managed to talk to Mr. Dries in front of the the Diamond D-Jet prototype just minutes before the D-Jet was towed out for the flight back to Germany!

Diamond D-Jet
  • Diamond Aircraft
  • Diamond planes discussed:
    • The Diamond D-Jet personal jet
      • Designed for the owner-pilot
      • Business jet
      • Seats 5
      • Roomy interior
    • The Diamond D-42 Twin
      • First owner flown D-42 shown at Oshkosh
      • First D-42 flown around the world,
        • with 3 on board
        • using less than 1000 gallons of fuel.
        • Flew non-stop Hawaii to California.
      Christian Dries
    • The Diamond D-40 XL
      • Can cruise 160 knots
      • 150 knots at 10 GPH

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