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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Sep 22, 2006

Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike featuring Pilot Kent's exclusive interview with Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft

Recorded on September 14, 2006 - 00:44:19 - 20.4MB
Hangar Flying:

Pilot Kent is on the phone from Dexter, MN. Pilot Dan spent his first ever two week vacation working on his house on Martha's Vineyard. Dan will be at the Nantucket Island airshow September 30th and October 1st with The Blue Angels, Patty Wagstaff and Rinker Buck.

Over the U.S. Labor Day weekend Kent returned to join "EdFred" at the reopened Prickett-Grooms Airfield in Sidnaw, MI discussed on Pilotcast #42Prickett-Grooms Airfield

As he flew home Kent claimed 15 Wisconsin airports for the ConUS challenge discussed on Pilotcast #43. Door County, Wisconsin is popular destination in the Autumn for tourists to view the fall color show.

Mike and Kent have a "friendly discussion" on the short field performance numbers of their high performance planes, the real world experience they've had, and why they may look at short runways differently.

Airports mentioned:

The Pilotcast pilots also talked to Tony Bill, producer and interviewed an actor pilot from the new thrilling. Flyboys movie. Look for the "Flyboys" interviews on the Pilotcast soon.

Pilot Kent interviews Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft from EAA Airventure 2006 Oshkosh

Available as iPod-compatible Quicktime Video on Pilotcast #044 OSH Videocast #2

Pilot Kent managed to talk to Mr. Dries in front of the the Diamond D-Jet prototype just minutes before the D-Jet was towed out for the flight back to London, Ontario!

  • Diamond Aircraft
  • Diamond planes discussed:
    • The Diamond D-Jet personal jet
    • Diamond D-Jet
      • Designed for the owner-pilot
      • Business jet
      • Seats 5
      • Roomy interior
    • The Diamond D-42 Twin
      • First owner flown D-42 shown at Oshkosh
      • First D-42 flown around the world,
        • with 3 on board
        • using less than 1000 gallons of fuel.
        • Flew non-stop Hawaii to California.
      Christian Dries
    • The Diamond D-40 XL
      • Can cruise 160 knots
      • 150 knots at 10 GPH

The pilots discuss the position of the Diamond D-Jet and Javelin"personal jet" vs. the other "VLJ," Very Light Jets like the Eclipse 500. The D-Jet is designed to be simpler to fly and owner flown.

Pilotcast notes:

A reminder to join the Pilotcast forums at We've had great participation from Pilotcast pilots from all over the world.

We've gotten great feedback on special Pilotcast with Pilot Kent's flight into Airventure Oshkosh. The Pilotcast will have more "fly-alongs" from all over the world. If you want participate or have ideas please add those to the forums.

The Pilotcast is planning an open Pilotcast pilot roundtable Skypecast for Tuesday, October 10 at 2300Z (1900 U.S. Eastern, 1800 U.S. Central, 1600 U.S. Pacific). If you have a Skype account, a PC headset or microphone and earphones you can join in for free as the show is recorded. Listen on the Pilotcast and look on the Pilotcast forums for updates.

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twelve and a half years ago

Really Tim, didn\\\'t your mother teach you any manners? The show is what it is because of all of us. Mike is our John Madden. He may use the yellow pen too much, but without him a lot of games would be pretty boring. (An ironic comparison, considering Madden\\\'s feelings about flying!)

twelve and a half years ago

Hi guys,
About the criminal background check in New York State: You guys are lucky that this problem only arises in one State. In Germany every pilot has to go through the procedure, although I have to admit that you can begin flight training before it is completed. But we have been told that we would have to pay for the procedure (being most precise they just gave a range for the fee, pending your individual outcome) and if they find that you are \"unworthy\", you won´t even be told WHY you did not pass.
Luckily, AOPA Germany filed a complaint and so far I did not have to pay anything for my background check (which found me \"worthy\").
Those politicians just keep coming up with more and more stupid and inefficient methods to prevent alleged future acts of \"aerial terrorism\". Those terrorist are probably laughing their ***** off ...
Greeting from \"Deutschland\",

twelve and a half years ago

Dear pilot mike, please stop with the silly comments and nervous laugh. The less you talk on the show the better.