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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Apr 6, 2006

Returning guest "A&P Tom" joins the Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike to talk about purchasing an aircraft

Some feedback and followups:
  • For all you Connecticut pilots:
    • The Presidential TFR is cancelled, but it didn't matter because it was snowing, anyway
    • Tower controller at Hartford-Brainard Airport has been "refusing the option," to practicing pilots
    • Senate Bill SB520 has made it out of the Finance Committee with a unanimous recommendation, and will probably pass the Legislature with a few modifications. The target date to take effect is July 1st.
  • Pilot Dan and his Club bought a plane, but the sale will be completed before SB520 goes into effect so they will probably lose out on the tax advantages
    • An AOPA Lobbyist is looking into the remote possibility that the bill will be retroactive
  • Pilot Mike's plane is due for its annual
    • It's up to you, as owner, to remember when scheduled maintenance is due
Talking with A&P Tom:
  • Tom's rates:
    • $50/hour flat rate
    • $350 for an annual inspection
    • It may be worth a trip to Washington State for rates like those
  • A short bio:
    • Currently, an aircraft mechanic
    • A Navy veteran
    • Was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy, and still does work for them
  • Aircraft mechanics liability insurance can be expensive
  • Some airports will not allow uninsured mechanics to work on planes
  • What should a pre-purchase inspection include?
    • Talk to the potential buyer and see what homework they've already done
    • Is the seller also the owner, or just an agent for the owner?
    • Verify that AD's have, or have not, been complied with
    • General mechanical checks, including avionics
  • The internet makes it fairly simple to determine fair market value of an aircraft
  • Time since last overhaul is not as important as the engines current condition
  • Lycoming engines that are run regularly should not have an issue with corrosion
  • Engine displacement upgrades are probably not worth doing until an overhaul
  • Use of auto fuel should be determined on a model by model basis
  • Auto fuel is cheaper than aviation fuel, but has it's own unique set of problems
  • A potential buyer is suing a mechanic who recommended he not buy the plane
    • Aircraft is an Aviat Husky, in Michigan
    • The mechanic found a slew of problems during the pre-purchase inspection and told the buyer it just wasn't worth it
    • The buyer worked out a deal, that he thought was fair, even though the plane had some problems and purchased it
    • Gets a ferry permit and during a flight over Montana, he loses oil pressure and lands at a small airport
    • On inspection, the oil sump and strainers are covered in metal shavings
    • Ends up purchasing a new engine, but it doesn't fit the old mounts
    • They find the airframe is so warped, the new mounts won't fit
    • They called Tom and he recommends jacking the frame until the mounts fit so he can make the flight home
    • Finally get it back together and finds out his ferry permit has expired
    • The mechanic is unwilling to renew the ferry permit because he considers the plane not airworthy
    • They decide to do an annual and finds the wings need rebuilding while checking AD compliance
    • The new owner says the original mechanic did not give full disclosure and so is suing
    • The plane is still in Montana waiting for new wings
  • Potential buyers need to do their homework and thoroughly research the plane!
  • Check with type clubs on particular models and N numbers
  • Check potential replacement cost for accessories, like mufflers and ducting
  • Some of the performance muffler claims seem to good to be true
  • The sellers reputation is very important
  • Know the costs of maintenance and repairs before you have them done
  • Potential buyers should search Landings for A&P mechanics in your area
  • Most A&P mechanics don't want to work with clubs because of liability issues
  • Don't let the romance of flying blind you to potential problems
  • Clubs should make sure any potential purchase will fit all it's members
  • Prop balancing as part of an annual, can be very important
  • Dynamic prop balancing is done on the plane, but static balancing is not
  • Cherokee mufflers tend to be fragile
  • If your cabin heat is dependent on the exhaust system, you should use a CO monitor
  • Stupid pilot trick
    • Pilot Dan was in a club plane on the ramp
    • A parked twin started it's run-up, blasting Dan
    • Good thing Tom wasn't there!
    • The plane was actually lifted against it's tie-downs, logbooks went flying, and the plane was pelted with rocks
    • The FBO was not willing to give Dan the twins tail number
    • Stay tuned...
  • Incident at Camarillo Airport
    • Home airport of Angelina Jolie
    • A Lear Jet taxied too close to the hangers
    • Tried to power himself around, rather then call for a tug
    • The thrust hit a tied down 172, breaking the wing
  • We have met the Enemy and he is us
    • A twin Bonanza, that was purchased in Canada, has been parking at Tom's airport for about 4 years
    • The aircraft still has a Canadian registration number, but...
    • a check with Canada shows the plane as exported, meaning it should no longer have a Canadian number
    • The Seattle FSDO somehow became interested in the plane and asked Tom if he knew anything about it
    • The FSDO invited the Transport Canada Airworthiness Inspector to look at the airplane, and...
    • a cursory check found 21 major airworthiness discrepancies
    • A registered letter is sent to the registered owner's Canadian address, the man's wife, who is a Canadian citizen
    • The letter comes back undeliverable
    • Their US address is tracked down and another registered letter is sent to the local Sheriff to be hand delivered
    • The letter was signed for but there was no response to the request for log books
    • Transport Canada levied 5 penalty fines, rescinded the airworthiness certificate of the aircraft, and placed a cease and desist sticker on the airplane door
    • A second registered letter was delivered to the owner, informing them of the cease and desist operations order
    • The next day the plane was gone
    • Tom and 3 other witnesses were called to British Columbia to testify on what they knew about the plane
    • The owners didn't show up for the tribunal so a lien was placed on the plane
    • Unfortunately, since the plane is in the US, the Canadian judgement is unenforceable
    • And, because no one actually saw the owner fly it after it was stickered, the FAA is powerless
  • If you have any questions for Tom, send us an email
  • Thanks, again to A&P Tom
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Jim Howard
over thirteen years ago

Another excellent show! Keep up the great work!