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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Mar 2, 2006

Special guest "Pilot Rick" Durden, host of "The Pilot's Lounge" column on, joins the Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike. Kent reports on Rick's annual ski plane fly-in 

Some feedback and followups: 
  • Email from "Student Pilot Clayton:"  A pilot in his RC flying club near Madison, WI flew a model J3 Cub to 6100 feet.  Congratulations to newly minted "CFI AA," Pete Aarsvold.
  • "Pilot Rinker" Buck reads the audio book version of the "Flight of Passage" book available from the iTunes Music Store and  The movie rights to "Flight of Passage" have been optioned again.
In the news:
  • A 14 year old boy and his buddy running away from home steal Dad's Mooney in Palm Springs.  They crash in the desert. AOPA's  "GA Secure" program worked.
A surprise guest:
  • A surprise guest pilot for Pilot Dan has been invited to join the Pilotcast.  His comments may be of concern to his wife...and his AME.  
  • Song: "Crack the Sky" by  Joe Campbell (03:50)

Pilot Kent's report on flying Yellow airplanes with skis!" at Pilot Rick's" ski plane party

Kent and a Piper J3 Cub Cub climb

Click on a picture to see a larger version
Click here to see more of Kent's pictures

  • Rick's latest column: "The Pilot's Lounge #97: Precautionary Landings"
    • link:
    • Making a precautionary landing on a frozen lake.
    • The difficulty of landing in snow in flat light.
    • Having a way to get to safety and maybe, get the plane out.
    • Off-airport landings do not necessarily have to reported to the FAA or NTSB.
    • You usually don't need permission to take off.  Just prepare and use care!
    • Are highways good landing sites?
    • A highway takeoff can be difficult,
    • It might be better to have mechanic remove the wings and haul the plane out on a truck.
    • There are many power lines.
    • Was one mile in five of the U.S. Interstate highway system design to serve as a runway?  Nope!
    • Interstates are not bad choice for landing at night.
    • You can't see the power lines. Look for the power poles. 
    • The highway median is not a choice.
    • Is it safe to fly across a long stretch of water like Lake Michigan?
      • How high do you have be to be able to glide to shore?
      • Calculating the point of no return.
      • The danger of flying over water on hazy summer days. You can have no reference of the horizon.
    • How Rick plans the topic of the next "The Pilot Lounge" column.
    • The water skiing T6s:
    • Stories and inconsiderate pilots who damage how we look to the general public.
      • The runaway kids who stole the Mooney.
      • The drunk pilot who wasn't a pilot. 
      • Pilots who refuse to "Fly friendly"
      • Seven fatal GA crashes last week near Washington, DC.
  • Kent will to return KCAD next winter and go for his seaplane rating next summer. 
  • Rick has a seaplane party right before Oshkosh. 
  • Coming soon on The Pilotcast: the return of "A&P Tom."
  • Dan's club has decided to go for a Cessna 150 or 152 rather than the 182.
  • Mike has a close encounter with a plane turning the wrong way.
  • Expensive annuals.
  • Aircraft owner nightmares.
  • Check out some other recommended aviation podcasts:
  • Closing song: "Winter Sky" by Torchomatic (04:37)

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Pilot Mike
over thirteen years ago

I fixed the URL above for the Student Pilot Flight Podlog. You can also find it in iTunes if you search for that phrase.