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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Feb 19, 2006

Special guest "Pilot Rinker" Buck, aviation author and journalist, joins the Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent and Pilot Mike.

  • Pilot Kent is on the road, joining by cell phone
  • The Pilotcast is (occasionally) in the top ten podcasts in the iTunes Music Store under the Transportation category!

"Pilot Rinker" Buck joins the Pilotcast.

Check out the aviation books written by Rinker Buck:

Flight of Passage: A Memoir
If We Had Wings: The Enduring Dream of Flight
Shane Comes Home
First Job: A Memoir of Growing Up at Work

  • The Pilotcast hosts a fun and informative hangar flying conversation with "Pilot Rinker" Buck.
  • Rinker's books
    • Flight of Passage: A Memoir
      • Rinker's father "Tex" Buck was a great pilot and well-known aviator and barnstormer 
      • The Buck Family has 11 children.
      • Rinker accompanied his 17 year old brother Kern on a cross country flight to California in a Piper J3 Cub
      • It was a record for the youngest pilot ever to make a flight of that distance.
      • The "Passage" in the story is not only the trip but the life passage of the brothers.
    • "If We Had Wings: The Enduring Dream of Flight" is a fun, informative, and colorful "coffee table book" with a celebration of aviation and it's history..
    • "Shane Comes Home" is the story of the first U.S. soldier killed in Iraq, a Marine who had made great achievements and stood up for principles in the academy.
    • First Job is Rinker's biography with details of how he became a journalist
  • Rinker's gives his take on:
    • Modern aircraft
    • Modern aircraft systems
    • New pilots
    • Can flying be "safe" now?
  • Rinker on how the news media covers aviation
    • Editors see little need to have aviation experts.
    • There are very few journalists who are pilots.
    • Some reporters called him when he wrote about the J.F.K., Jr. crash

In the news:

Steve Fossett made it!  

Song: "Flying Away" by Empyrion from the State of Washington.
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over thirteen years ago

I read flight of passage and it is a good book! I liked all the humor in it too. Some parts I could not stop cracking up. Good job on the pilotcast too. I just started listening to it and it is really cool.

Pilot Mike
over thirteen years ago

Thanks for the comments, guys. I need to thank Dan for getting Rinker to join. He had a ball. We\'ll have him back on The Pilotcast soon.

The 404 errors were due to problems that libsyn has had over the last few weeks with a major system upgrade. I think the load from the MacBreak vidcast was the latest trauma.

Dave: Thanks! It\'s scary enough that we have airline pilots listening to our ramblings. I never thought of the pressure of having an actual radio talent listening. |-{)


Jim Howard
over thirteen years ago

Same here, both my IPodder Juice and the direct download link retrieve a \'404\' file.

Dave Jagger
over thirteen years ago


Thanks, guys! I read \"Flight of Passage\" EVERY year before summer flying season. I\'ve bought many copies for friends who love flying or just a great adventure story. I think it should be mandatory reading before you take your check ride. Each time I go up with a new CFI for my BFR I always ask \'em if they\'ve read it. And if they haven\'t I always return with a copy for them. You\'ve given me some time with the author of my personal all time favorite book.

Now, if you can get Stephen King on the show....

Thanks again!

Dave Jagger
The Dave and Geri Morning Show
95.7 W-Lite
Grand Rapids, MI