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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Feb 8, 2006

Pilot Dan's report on the Kappa KP-5 Light Sport aircraft. Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

Pilot Kent is on the road and is joining by cell phone.

The Kappa KP-5 Light Sport Aircraft

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  • The Kappa Aircraft Company web site: 
  • Greg MacArthur, Manager of Sales and Marketing
  • Would this make a good training aircraft?
  • How does it fly?
  • Edwin R. Miller, President, E.R. Miller Enterprises dba Kappa Aircraft
  • Jihlavan company:
  • Jihlavan Aircraft Company:
  • Metal construction.
  • The Rotax engine is water cooled.
  • Runs at a High RPM. The prop is geared.
  • It starts and stops instantly like a motorcycle engine.
  • The seats and controls are staggered about 8 inches for comfort.
  • Has a hand brake.
  • Has electric trim only.
  • It has large fowler flaps with a manual flap lever.
  • Has GREAT visibility from the cockpit.
  • Very responsive.
  • The trim is touchy.
  • Has minimal avionics with a moving map GPS display.
  • Drawbacks: The cost could easily reach $100,000.
  • Fuel burn rate is 4.4 GPH
  • 5:1 engine to prop ratio, the engine runs at 5100 RPM!
  • It has a 1500 hour TTOH.
  • There are 85 or 100 HP versions of the Rotax engine.
  • FADEC? It has no mixture control.
  • The engine has a great reputation.
  • The company seems "on the ball."
  • They are located at Pocono Mountain airport.
  • Dan's club has to decide whether they want an SUV or a Hybrid.
  • Reviews of the Kappa KP-5

Pilotcast feedback and follow ups:

  • "CFI Ron" and "Pilot Brian" got in touch and figured out that the "VFR corridor" Ron mentioned between Dulles and the ADIZ is inside the Dulles Class B airspace.
  • "Pilot Jim" says that it is Airbus who needs to be able to land at Las Vegas as the alternate airport to LAX.

In the news:

  • AOPA awarded the 2005 Sweepstakes Commander to a pilot in Colorado.  The secret almost got out ahead of time.  If you won a $300,000 aircraft could you keep it?
  • Pilot Steve Fossett will launch for the longest flight around the world in the GlobalFlyer jet.
  • From the AvWeb Newswire
    • In Elkhorn, Nebraska, a prisoner who cannot drive because he was convicted of vehicular homicide can solo a plane as part of his rehabilitation.
    • In Alabama wing tip found from crashed Saratoga is said to contain bullet holes.
    • In Tennessee, a teen aged non-pilot steals a plane and buzzes his girlfriend's house for revenge.
  • A pair of Shorts cargo planes from the same freight company collide in mid-air over Wisconsin. One is lost.

Coming up on The Pilotcast:

  • Author and journalist Rinker Buck, author  of "Flight of Passage"
  • A Civil Air Patrol officer
  • "Ask the AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Send your medical questions to the Pilotcast by email, on the blog, or by voicemail.

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