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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Jan 13, 2006

Special guest "Pilot Rick" Durden, host of "The Pilot's Lounge" column on, joins the Hangar Flying with Pilot Dan, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Mike.

  • Rick's "The Pilot Lounge" column on
  • Rick's latest column: "Amazing! There are TFRs that Make Sense!"
    • TFRs have always been in place over disaster areas.
    • Rick talked to the official in charge of the Hurricane Katrina TFR
    • The officials in charge of the TFRs for forest fires were put in charge of those for hurricane relief.
    • G.A. Pilots CAN get access to the area to lend a hand in relief. Just read the NOTAM for the contact.
    • Were there a lot TFR by busts by pilots before 9/11?
  • Rick's bio.
    • He has CFI and ATP ratings and is an aviation lawyer.
    • Rick was a member of a Flight Explorer post sponsored by a Beech dealer.
    • He was a crop duster...until his father found out!
    • The dangers of crop dusting,
    • He was an an airport kid until he discovered...
  • Do commercial students have a future? It is a financial hardship.
  • Issues in Aviation Insurance:
    • Are insurance rates out of control?
    • How and why the aviation insurance industry changed.
    • Many insurers did not make money most years in the late 1980's and the 90s.
    • Insurers lost money when the stock market crashed.
    • Does incorporating the aircraft ownership help protect the pilot/owner insured?
    • Watch the sub-limits. Owners and pilots should have "smooth" coverage.
    • Pilots are not protected unless they are a named insured.
    • Renters are not safe under the FBO's insurance policy. In subrogation, the FBO's insurance company may come after the pilot.
    • How about flying clubs?
    • Check to see if you still need renter's insurance.
    • Work with your broker to let the insurance company know your true risk factor.
    • Get recurrent training every 6 months! It is the cheapest insurance you can buy.


  • Rick's take on "We have met the enemy and he is us."
  • "The instructor's obligation."
  • Dealing with problem pilots.
  • How people rate their own competence.
  • How they react to criticism of their skills
  • Non-instructors should get someone else, like an instructor, to step when concerned about a "problem pilot."
  • There is new plan for Aviation Safety Counselors.
  • Pilot decision making when things go wrong.
  • Landing on a taxiway?
  • Off-airport landings.
  • Make the decision to take the safe out and least you'll be alive to answer for the consequences.
  • "A 709 ride is painless."
  • "Do something to get people down safely."
  • "We can imagine getting into trouble. We can't imagine getting dead."
  • How to handle a 709 ride Catch-22.
  • Renting a tailwheel plane.
  • Flying in a ski plane or seaplane.
  • Rick is throwing a "Super Cub on skis" party at KCAD in Cadillac, Mi.
  • Landing on frozen lakes.
  • Landing in snow in flat light.
  • How to tell if the ice is thick enough.
  • Can you land anywhere?
  • They used to dock seaplanes at Navy Pier in Chicago.
  • Rick's take on Meigs Field destruction.
  • The legacy of Admiral Balbo.
  • Mayor Daley's legacy.
  • The need for airports for emergency relief.
  • The "temporary" concert venue there now.
  • Can we hope for an election in Chicago?
  • The controversy over the runway conveyor belt quiz.
  • The conveyor belt runway runs in the opposite direction to the aircraft. Will the plane get airborne?
  • Understanding the physics of flight.
  • Ground speed vs. indicated airspeed.


  • "Any other traffic please advise."
  • Proper phraseology on the radio.
  • Pilots should higher standard.
In the news:
  • AOPA is fighting TFRs and plan for UAVs patrolling the U.S./Mexico border in Nogales, AZ.
  • Warrior with CFI and student crashes into the chilly Hudson River in NYC while flying the NYC VFR corridor.
  • The drunk student pilot who stole a Cessna in Connecticut, landed a taxiway with beer cans falling out the door, pleads guilty in New York.
  • The NTSB report is published on the Cessna Caravan "which had a UFO encounter."
  • A fatal Cirrus SR-20 crash in Lancaster, California. The chute might have deployed afterwards.
  • The Global Flyer was damaged when it hit a fuel truck.
  • The reliability of eyewitness reports.


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