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Sep 13, 2005

FAA Medical forum titled "What Can I Do If I Lose My Medical Certificate" by Dr. Warren Silberman, D.O. MPH.

Recorded July 30, 2005 at EAA in Oshkosh, WI.

FAA Medical Special:
Dr. Silberman Dr. Silberman

Dr. Siberman starts off the forum by explaining the process of medical certification for the new Sport Pilot license. There has been a lot of confusion with this, and the Dr. tries to clear it up. He then moves on to the main topic, how to handle a lost or denied medical certificate. He has several suggestions, like learning as much as you can about your condition, checking up on your AME, and proper management of the waiver packet. if you received a waiver letter from the FAA, make sure you follow the directions explicitly, and return all of the information requested. The Dr. stresses that there are certain conditions an AME can still issue a medical certificate for, if you have the proper documentation, but some AME's are not aware of this. He also lists 20 conditions that an AME can issue a certificate for, after first being deferred, if you provide the information listed in the FAA waiver letter. Dr. Silberman then explains how a waiver can affect the time period a normal medical certificate is issued for. The forum is then opened up to questions from the audience. The Dr. finishes up by answering questions about depression and associated medications, prostate cancer and surgery, ADD/ADHD, various eye conditions, cardiology stress tests, and unapproved medications.

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