The Pilotcast
CFICast #15 - Preparing for Checkrides
  • Rick Durden (Host)
  • Kate Bernard
  • Bruce Chien
  • Tony Condon
  • Ron Levy 
  • Dr. Judith Parrish-Jones
  • Terri Watson

At the time of this recording, Terri had recently completed a series of part 135 checkrides in multiple fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Not to be outdone, on the day of the recording Tony completed his own part 135 checkride, flew his first part 135 revenue flight, and signed off a student for the private pilot practical test.

The panel discusses checkride preparation, pre-check jitters, what happens when you fail a checkride, and examiner quirks.

Ron also shares insights from his famous checkride prep notes on the Pilots of America forum at

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Recorded March, 2009
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