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CFIcast #010 - Teaching off-airport landings - 2007.09.27 - Certified Flight Instructor Aviation Podcast

Enjoy listening and learning as you eavesdrop on the Hangar Flying conversation with Certified Flight Instructors!

The CFIcast #10 CFI panel:

  • Your host: Rick Durden, CFI, Aviation lawyer and author of "The Pilot's Lounge" column on and articles for AOPA Pilot and Aviation Safety, from Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Tony Condon, CFI, student and glider pilot & instructor from Ames, Iowa
  • Ron Levy, CFI, a Professional Instrument Courses - P.I.C 10 day course instructor from Maryland
  • Joe Zubay, CFI, from Northern Illinois who has been instructing since the 1960s.


Topics discussed by CFIcast Certified Flight Instructor panel:
  • Teaching flight students about making off-airport landings.
  • Tony: Every glider landing is off-airport
    • Considerations when selecting a field for landing
    • The crop? Beans vs. Corn vs. Wheat
    • Land near a road or the house.
  • Should you land on a road?
  • How to spot obstructions
  • Can you spot telephone poles?
  • Power lines
  • Trees
  • Tony on landing considerations for glider pilots
    • Plan your approach to clear the obstructions
    • Glider pilots will choose to land at an airport rather than fly over dense wooded areas.
    • Gliders will never land on a road.
  • What spot in a field is the best to aim for?
  • How about a river?
  • Rick as a former crop to spot power lines
  • How low can you be and change landing fields?
  • What if you see power lines?
  • Who owns the airplane once you light off?
  • Doing an intentional ground loop
  • The precautionary landing
  • Don't make a power-off choice when you have power
  • How to land in a field
  • Use flaps or not?
  • Fly a tight pattern
  • Richard Bach's "A Gift of Wings" story "The School for Perfection"
Recorded Thursday, September 27, 2007 - 00:50:04 - 22.9MB

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