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Feb 10, 2008

CFIcast #008 - CFIs on Flight reviews, check rides, and IPCs - CFIs on Pilot Examiners - Certified Flight Instructor Aviation Podcast - 2007.07.19

Enjoy listening and learning as you eavesdrop on the Hangar Flying conversation with Certified Flight Instructors!

The CFIcast #8 CFI panel:


Topics discussed by CFIcast Certified Flight Instructor panel:
  • CFIs on what to expect on a flight review
  • FAA Advisory Circular 61.98A
  • How CFIs evaluate a pilot
  • Make the review match the kind of flying the pilot does
  • Evaluate the pilot's knowledge of new issues on regulations like stadium TFRs
  • Ask the pilot what they would like to review
  • How long does a flight review take?
  • Do a pre-review interview
  • Common problem areas that should be covered
    • Maintaining control on landing
    • Landings and takeoffs on short, narrow, and/or grass fields
    • Using too much runway
    • Even flying straight and level
  • How many flight reviews end in one session?
  • How do pilots evaluate their own competence?
  • Pilots who try to intimidate the CFI
  • The instrument Practical Test Standards
  • Ron: The flight review is a training event. The IPC is a check ride.
  • Tony: Crank up the stress on the IPC
  • Rick: The FAA regulations are only the minimum standards. Should we have tougher standards?
  • FAA FAR 61.57 on the Instrument Proficiency Check
  • CFIs get to know the DPEs
  • Does the CFI talk to DPE before the checkride?
  • Pick a DPE that is nearby?
  • Should the CFI brief the student on what the DPE asks?
  • CFIs sharing DPE evaluations
  • DPEs who don't do checkrides "by the book"
  • The CFI keeping tabs on the applicant's practical test
  • "Maverick" DPEs -Are there active DPEs who should be disciplined?
  • Should the CFI be concerned if the DPE doesn't seem to cover everything?
Recorded Thursday, July 19, 2007 - 01:02:13 - 28.5MB

Theme Song: "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward
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