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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Jan 8, 2008

CFIcast #4 - Teaching students about Winter Operations. FAAST. Teaching proper CTAF announcements - Certified Flight Instructor Aviation Podcast.

Enjoy listening and learning as you eavesdrop on the Hangar Flying conversation with Certified Flight Instructors!

The CFIcast #4 CFI panel:

  • Your host: Rick Durden, CFI, Aviation lawyer and author of "The Pilot's Lounge" column on and articles for AOPA Pilot and Aviation Safety, from Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Dr. Bruce Chien, M.D., CFI, Senior Aviation Medical Examiner from Central Illinois, host of the The AMECast
  • Tony Condon, CFI, student and glider pilot & instructor from Ames, Iowa
  • Tom Gilmore, CFI, from Florida, owner of an FBO, Gilmore Aviation Services author of articles for NAFI and IFR magazines.
  • Ron Levy, CFI, a Professional Instrument Courses - P.I.C 10 day course instructor from Maryland


Topics discussed by CFIcast Certified Flight Instructor panel:
  • Operating the aircraft in the winter
  • Know the temperature you MUST pre-heat the engine
  • Use an engine preheater like the
  • Keeping the mixture as rich as possible.
  • Good advice for renters
  • Removing frost from the wings
  • Taking care of the battery
  • Don't pump the throttle
  • A great resource: Doug Ritter's Equipped to Survive
  • Where you want to keep the plane on the taxiway or the runway
  • Being aware of the risk of CO when using the airplane heater. Carry an electronics CO detector.
    • The FAA FAAST - Safety Team program
      • Aviation Safety Counselors
      • What can you do when you see somebody doing something dumb?
      • Doing an "intervention."
        • The CFIs tell some "war stories:"
        • Leaving the engine running and walking away
        • A twin pilot tries does a hand prop with his wife at the controls
    • Tony's gear-up landing incident may result in an AD
    • Airworthiness Directive (AD) vs. Service Bulletin (SB)
    • How to kill off "Any traffic please advise?"
    • Teaching making good CTAF calls
Recorded Thursday, January 25, 2007 - 01:09:54 - 32.1MB

Theme Song: "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward
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