The Pilotcast


You may wonder why the Blue Angels flight movie didn't show up on your podcatcher, like iTunes.  We were concerned that Pilotcast subscribers wouldn't expect a video. Not all podcatchers can handle a Quicktime movie.  Mainly, our concern was that at 89MB, the movie is pretty big.


We've also had some feedback that some Pilotcast subscribers are on dial-up and have to patiently wait for a long time just to get the audio files. (We appreciate that kind of dedication.)  The movie file is going to take 3 times as long for to get to those folks.

For iTunes users and maybe users of other programs, media content is handled best if it's in the feed.  For one thing, otherwise you have to add it to the correct playlist.

We've decided that we will add the movie to feed some time this holiday weekend, once enough subscribers have had a chance to see it early. Now, that decision would mean that you might end up with two copies. You can decide for yourself whether to download the movie when it shows up in your feed.

Let us know if you have strong objections to putting the movie in the feed.

Update: The video is now in the feed With Pilotcast #34 being more current it may allow a chance for subcribers to choose whether they want  to download the video because it won't be the newest show.

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