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Pilotcast is the podcast for pilots, by pilots.  Join Pilot Tiffany, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Bill for interesting discussions and interviews, some news or industry coverage, and a whole lot of fun virtual hangar flying.

Jan 25, 2010

We welcome Geoff Armstrong, a commercial pilot and charter captain in the Toronto area.  We’ll hear about flying two-pilot operations in a single engine turboprop aircraft into all sorts of predicaments.  Join as in episode 73 of the Pilotcast for the complete rundown.

Flight Crew:
Pilot Kent (kent *at* pilotcast...

Happy Birthday PA-28!

Jan 15, 2010

Though there have been many thousands of airplane designs through the years, only a very few have ever been so good, so timeless as to still be flying in normal service as opposed to being a vintage-classic relic when they're a half-century old. The Douglas DC-3, Boeing B-52 and KC-135, and the Lockheed U-2 come to...

Jan 5, 2010

Join the Pilotcast crew as they talk to Tyson Weihs and Jason Miller of ForeFlight about their just released version 3.0 preflight intelligence software, as well as some cool training flights.

Flight Crew:
Pilot Kent (kent *at* pilotcast *dot* com) Twitter: @flyingcheezhead
Pilot Bill (bill *at* pilotcast *dot* com)...